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A Thorough 15 Minute Complimentary Consultation 

Puran Facial

·Helps normalize sebum production
·Regulates the skin’s oil/moisture  balance
·Diminishes skin impurities
·Refines pore relief
·Supplies moisture to the skin
·Counters inflammatory processes
·Imparts a long-lasting matt  complexion       
·Clear, pure, balanced skin

Customised Facial

·Balances Skin
·Cleans and Refreshes
·Improves skin’s moisture level
·Regenerates the skin surface
Balanced and Refreshed skin

Luxury Customised Facial

·Balances the skin
·Improves skin’s moisture level
·Regenerates the skin surface
·Balanced and Moisturised skin

Royal Aquamarine MicroDermabrasion


·Power peeling that refines pores ·Diminishes fine lines and assures a smoother, more even complexion
·It helps to support the renewal process of the skin  


·Leaves skin looking younger and more radiant again. 

Mini Lifting Facial


·Fast, instant lifting effect
·Firms facial contours
·Improves skin’s moisture-binding  capacity
·Reduces fine lines and wrinkles

·Smooth, firm skin

Age Performance Facial

·Improves the skin’s elasticity and  density
·An even complexion full of radiance
·Visibly reduces lines and wrinkles
·Balances the skin’s lipid and  moisture content
·Pampers the skin
·Conditions and smoothes the skin to a velvety-soft texture

·Radiant, balanced and plump skin

Male Refresher Facial

·Vitalizes men’s stressed skin
·Clarifies and cleanses with deep-  pore action
·Assures a fresh, revitalized look
·Relaxes and firms facial features
·Delivers a targeted response to a  man’s skin needs

·Refreshed, revitalized and with a  newborn feeling!

Golden Caviar Facial

·Enhances skin moisture level
·Restores the physiological  equilibrium of stressed skin
·Imparts a radiantly balanced and  firm skin
·Stimulates skin functions
·Diminishes fine lines and wrinkles
·Balanced, silky soft skin


The system for impure skin
Cleanliness.  Pure and simple – as clear and fresh as a mountain brook.  Conditioned with a system that gives your skin natural protection, restoring its equilibrium and lending you a complexion that is a joy to see. 



The moisture supply of skin is the basis for a well functioning, fresh and plump skin. All skin needs in order to feel well is a perfect hydration. Moisturizers with instant and long-time effect replenish skin’s moisture depots with a long-term result. Like a fresh and gushing spring this treatment imparts pure moisture and freshness.




Beauty and radiance at any age!
This extraordinary well-feel treatment promises a unique skincare experience with ultimate care comfort imparting an incomparable radiance of skin at once. Let yourself prepare by a relaxing shoulder and neck massage and take away into the world of deep relaxation. Enjoy the relaxing head and ear massage, a fascinating face massage, particularly treating the delicate eye and lip zone, a warm pampering mask with paraffin and an effective mask for the perfect „appearance“. Sense and discover the variety of this unique treatment and enjoy your success. Treat yourself with a balanced, vital and firmer skin full of radiance!



Luxurious power care for perfect skin
The extra portion of luxury that pampers your skin superbly.  Precious caviar extract, essential vitamins and high- quality minerals in the purest, most concentrated form give it a feeling of consummate care.  Powdery rose fragrance envelops you in a sheer veil of scent.  Enjoy the feeling of treating yourself to the very best.

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