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Manicures & Pedicures            
A manicure range of contrasting sensations, warmth and texture. The uplifting aroma of tangerine mingles with the warming undertones of ginger and sandalwood transporting the user to a sensory oasis of tranquility and calm - truly a journey of discovery for the mind, body and spirit.    

Luxurious OPI Manicure                                                                     £16.00
Thai Paradise Manicure                                                                       £23.00
File & Re-Polish                                                                                 £10.00

As weary feet find this heavenly rest, the exotic mix of ginger, lime and sandalwood revive the senses and awaken the soul. Step into this journey of divine bliss - exotic, sensuous, soothing - indulge the senses and lift the spirit with a THAI pedicure experience. 

Luxurious OPI Pedicure                                                                      £18.00
Thai Paradise Pedicure                                                                        £25.00
File & Re-Polish                                                                                 £10.00
Swarovski Pedicure                                                                            £50.00

Heavenly Deep Foot & Calf Massage                                                 £14.00
IBD GelColor

Up to 21 days of glossy shine and chip free with no down time.

Express IBD GelColor
IBD Removal, File & Cuticle Treatment

Swarovski Crystals
Included into Nailart From
Full Set 
Swarovski Pedicure


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