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Treatments such as artificial nails, extensions, or enhancements can be beautiful making a complete change to the appearance of the hands.

How long can my nail extensions be?
This is up to the individual. However, a nail extension should not be any longer than one half of the existing nail plate, past the free edge. This means that two thirds of the nail has been built on the nail plate itself providing a stable anchor. The longer the nail, the weaker it tends to be with increased stress on the dividing (stress) line.   

How would I know which wrap is suitable for my nails?
This will depend on the strength of your natural nails. Linen is ideal on weak, damaged nails, Fiberglass is good for weak nails and provides an invisible wrap. Finally silk is ideal on nails that are not too weak and again provides an invisible wrap. Sculptured, acrylic, gel nails are very strong and flexible. They can be worn for long periods of time as long as the natural nail remains healthy. Maintenance is also required to fill in the growth area. These acrylic nails are not suitable for those nails that are thin and / or fragile. Acrylic does not adhere well to skin therefore it would not adhere well to this type of nail. The nail technician will advise you accordingly. 

Tips and Overlays
Tips are applied to the nail plate by nail adhesive. There are a variety of shapes and thickness’ available to suit different nails. Tips are blended into the natural nail at the seam. Overlays are applied to strengthen the tip and prolong the life of the artificial nail.

Overlays, UV Gel Nails
These are very popular and have been available for many years. They are proven to be far more sophisticated and effective. Gels are used directly onto the natural nail without the application of a tip for protection purposes. Gels are also used for repairing broken or split nails.

Are there any risks?
As with all nail products there is a risk of allergies. They are hard wearing if treated correctly and regular maintenance treatments are received i.e re-balance every 2 weeks.

Nail Enhancements

Full Set of Acrylic - £22.00
Full Set of Gel  £20.00
Full Set of Silk Wrap £25.00
Re-balance £18.00
Natural Overlay £22.00
Individual Nail Enhancement £3.50
Individual Nail Repair £3.50
Removal £12.00
Nail Art From £5.00    

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