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Perfectionism & Controlling Beha

Why do we feel the need to be perfect? It can be so easy to look at somebody else’s life and think its better than yours. Wish you had what they have. With the huge hype in social media is so easy to make comparisons. The driving force of wanting to be perfect can have serious implications, being linked to anxiety and depression. Social media in today’s world is a frequent occurrence. It has a big role in our influences, decisions and outlook we have of ourselves.

Being surrounded everyday by images of celebrities who are painfully thin or slender with unrealistic breasts, allows us to feel the pressure to meet these standards. But what most of us fail to realise, is that masked behind all of the dieting, fillers, botox etc, are normal human beings. Through all the strife and determination to be perfect, can we truly say it makes us happy?

In a realistic world in my eyes, women are curvaceous. We do have hips, boobs and a bum. Yes its important to have a well balanced diet and exercise regularly; but we need to step away from this vision some of us have as to what we think is perfect. Because to each and everyone of us perfection is different. So why do we try so much to be the perfect ****. Why not just be the perfect you!

“For the majority of my adult life, the pressure i felt to be perfect became very over whelming. The pressure to look thin, have perfect skin, the perfect hair. The feeling of being repulsed when i looked in the mirror, the longing for the perfect me! The anxiety, anger and tears became too much. Hating what i saw and who id become because of it. Until i woke one morning and it was as though somebody had turned on the light. I didn’t want to feel this way anymore, i wanted to feel the confidence id never felt. 

My only way way forward was to remove all the toxic and negative people in my life. Remove the people who put me down, the people who didn’t bring out the best of me. Remove the bad influences and the criticism. I wanted to surround myself with a positive outlook. I needed to start allowing myself to be me, accept i wasn’t perfect... and to accept that its OK to not be perfect to everyone else, and that there may be choices id make that not everybody will agree with. 

Taking this into account, within time ive lost the need and want to please everybody and accepted that my own happiness is just as important as everyone else’s. It taken thirty three years of my life, but i finally feel im thriving and i intend to live my life to its full potential. Ive learnt to love myself for who i really am.”

Don’t thrive to somebody else’s perfect.. Be you own kind of perfect!

Be the real you ;0) xxx

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